Head's Welcome

Head of College Welcome

Welcome to Dawlish College.

It is an absolute privilege to have been invited to take on the role of Head Of College at Dawlish College; especially at such a positive time as it flourishes within the Formal Management Partnership with Newton Abbot College. Our GCSE results this year have been excellent with students out-performing the national average in many subjects and English and maths passes being the highest in the area.

Dawlish College is a vibrant and exciting place to be, where we have the highest expectations of staff and students alike and seek to provide challenge at every available opportunity. As a small school, we have a very proud record of holistic support, care and individual attention: the happiness and well-being of our students is of paramount importance and is a vital foundation for their growth and development. Our college has an atmosphere of creativity and positivity that is generated by the provision of excellent opportunities for every individual thereby maximising the outcomes and improving the life chances of the young people in our care.

As a parent myself, I understand that you want your child to be inspired, supported and challenged to be the best version of themselves within an environment that knows them and values them as an individual. Thank you for entrusting me with the care and education of your child, present or future, and I look forward to unlocking their ambitions as I get to know them and work closely with you.

R Wickham
Head Of College


Senior Leadership Team

Title Name E-mail
Executive Principal Mr P Cornish PCornish@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Head of College Mrs R Wickham RWickham@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Assistant Principal Mrs K Bukowski KBukowski@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Assistant Principal Mr P Henderson PHenderson@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Business Manager Mrs C Medland CMedland@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
PA to Leadership Team Mrs N Drake NDrake@dawlish.devon.sch.uk

Teaching Team

English and Humanities Faculty

Title Name E-mail
Director of Learning and Teacher of English Mrs E Simmons ESimmons@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of English Miss J Brookes JBrookes@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of English and Drama Mrs T Underhill TUnderhill@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of English Mr P Hayes PHayes@Dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of English Mrs R Wickham RWickham@dawlish.deevon.sch.uk
Raising Standards Leader: Geography Miss T Scott TScott@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of Geography Mrs K Watkins KWatkins@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Raising Standards Leader: History and PSHE Miss S Wright SWright@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Raising Standards Leader: Beliefs, Values & Ethics Ms N Fox NFox@dawlish.devon.sch.uk

Science and Technology Faculty

Title Name E-mail
Director of Learning and Teacher of Science Mrs K McGeever KMcGeever@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of Science Mrs A Moore AJMoore@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of Science / KS3 Science Coordinator  Mr J Hornsby Jhornsby@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of Science Mr J Clements JClements@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of Science Mrs K Chambers KChambers@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Leader of Technology Ms Belworthy BBelworthy@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of Technology and Health and Social Care Mrs E Wiseman EWiseman@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of Technology Mrs L Mort LMort@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of Technology Mr D Kidwell DKidwell@dawlish.devon.sch.uk 

Maths, Business Studies and IT Faculty

Title Name E-mail
Raising Standards Leader: Maths Mr M Blackwell MBlackwell@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of Maths / KS3 Maths Coordinator Miss K Blackwell KBlackwell@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of Maths and ICT Mr T Rossiter TRossiter@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of Maths Miss A Reed AReed@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Leader of Business Studies/IT and Teacher of Maths Mr A Malcolm AMalcolm@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of Maths Ms N Stimpson NStimpson@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of Maths and PE Mr S Fisher SFisher@dawlish.devon.sch.uk

MFL, Expressive Arts and PE Faculty

Title Name E-mail
Director of Learning and Teacher of MFL Mr T Sewell TSewell@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of MFL Ms V Marc VMarc@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of MFL and Health and Social Care Ms L Noble LNoble@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Leader of Expressive Arts and Teacher of Music Mr J Waterworth JWaterworth@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of Art Mrs E Lithgow LLithgow@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of Art Mrs E Parr EParr@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of Drama Mrs L Hedden LHedden@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of Drama Mrs K Bukowski KBukowski@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Raising Standards Leader: PE Mrs H Dempsey HDempsey@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of PE Mr D Osborne DOsborne@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Teacher of PE Mrs L Chantry LChantry@dawlish.devon.sch.uk

Pastoral Team

Title Name E-mail
Assistant Principal - Safeguarding and Wellbeing Mrs K Bukowski KBukowski@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Administration Support Mrs K White-Cheshire KWhite@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Progress Leader - Yrs 7 & 8 Mr J Clements JClements@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Student Welfare Officer – Yrs 7 & 8 Mrs L Donohue LDonohue@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Progress Leader - Yrs 9 & 10 Mr D Osborne DOsborne@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Progress Leader- Yr 11 Mrs E Wiseman EWiseman@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Student Welfare Officer – KS4 Mrs T Friend TFriend@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Student Intervention Mrs T Chambers TChambers@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Inclusion Coordinator Miss C Phillips CPhillips@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Student Support Mrs S Cooper  SCooper@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
School Counsellor Mrs L Knott  


Title Name E-mail
SENCO Ms L Ransom LRansom@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Assistant SENCO Mrs S Hillyard SHillyard@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Learning Coach Mrs J Bennett JBennett@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Learning Coach Mrs A Howell AHowell@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Learning Coach Miss S Binding SBinding@dawlish.devon.sch.uk
Learning Coach Mr A Gilbert AGilbert@dawlish.devon.sch.uk

Finance and Administration