FIFA Women’s World Cup Qualifier 2018

During the Easter holidays the following students were invited to be mascots at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Qualifier, England V Wales at St Mary’s Stadium, Southampton FC.

Sasha Mole, Elli Hawkins-Way, Tilli Hawkins-Way, Abigail Blick, Lauren Blick, Rhiana Wesson, Alex Gilpin, Magenta Fraser, Lauren Waldron, Casey Hillidge, Lucy Reeves, Olivia Trapnell, Jasmine Henley, Issy Bullock

The girls were real ambassadors for the school and for the country. Well done everyone involved! Here are some thoughts from the girls on their day, as well as some photographs of the event.

What I most enjoyed about the trip up to Southampton was that you were able to go onto the pitch that the players were playing on. We were able to go to areas which would usually be restricted to the general public. I also loved the suspense of whether someone was going to score even though sadly the match ended 0-0.  I also liked that we were able to represent England Lionesses when holding the flags.  The day was probably one of the most memorable days of my life and a day I will never forget.

Issy Bullock 8ED

I had an incredible time in Southampton, each part of the day was amazing, even the 4 hour drive up there and back. It was a wonderful experience and opportunity to have been asked to walk onto the pitch and hold the England Flag.  Even watching the game afterwards with our friends was exciting, knowing that everyone at home was watching us.  Lots of us didn’t know the National Anthem, so we were trying to learn it on the way up, we still forgot parts of it. It was great to meet the players and have our photos and videos to remember the day.  It was truly amazing and I am incredibly thankful to have been given this opportunity.

Elli Hawkins-Way

The trip to Southampton and being a part of the opening ceremony for the Women’s England Football Team will be a memory I will never forget. I feel honoured to have had the experience of walking onto the pitch, performing in the ceremony, the roar of the crowd and meeting the players afterwards. It was amazing.

Olivia Trapnell 

Every second of the day was unbelievable; it felt like I was in a dream. I enjoyed walking out with the flag the most, the game, the atmosphere and at the end getting to meet the players and have their autographs.  It was a great experience and a load of fun J.

Sasha Mole

When we arrived at Southampton we had to jump straight into training. As this finished, the water sprinklers were put on as we were folding the flag, so some of us got wet.  My favourite part of the day was walking onto the pitch as it gave you a completely different perspective to watching it on TV.  At the end of the game we got to take pictures with the players and get some autographs.  I enjoyed the whole day as it was an amazing experience.

Lauren Waldron

My experience at Southampton was incredible, I enjoyed every second of it. It was unreal being offered the chance to be a mascot for England.  It was my first ever time at a stadium and my first time watching a professional football match and I am going to remember it for the rest of my life.  The atmosphere was amazing and I didn’t stop shouting.  Overall it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I loved every second.

Jasmine Henley

For me the best part of the day was going onto the pitch with the flag because it was amazing to have the opportunity to do a once in a lifetime thing that no ordinary fan would get to do. I didn’t realise that the people that do it are required to have proper training before the match and it was a lot of fun. I also enjoyed watching the game in the stadium instead of on the television because it is a much better experience.  Another part of the day I enjoyed was that we had the chance to get some players’ signatures on the England flag that we were given as a souvenir of the day.

Lucy Reeves

National Maths Challenge

The following students recently took part in a national maths competition. Winners of which will be invited to take part in finals at the Queen Mary University, London. We wait in anticipation of the results. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Ailie Inverarity, George Allen, Faith Miller, Kirin Cooper, Alexander White, Isobel Bullock, Malachi Hibbins, Monique Meintjes, Oliver Reddin, Lauren Waldron, Louise Beck, Catherine Fuller, Harley Tootell, Tereza Chovancova, Esme Lothian, Robert Thornberry, Harry Callaghan, Oliver Copper and Oliver Rose.



Dear Parents and Carers

Following on from the communication you will recently have received with regards to Mr Simon leaving Dawlish Community College, I would like to make you aware that I will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the college for this term. We remain part of the Formal Management Partnership with Newton Abbot College with Mr Cornish as our Executive Principal. Mr Cornish and I will continue to work together with the rest of the school leadership team and the wider staffing body to care for and educate your child/children.

All college systems remain in place so please continue to contact Heads of School and pastoral staff for wellbeing concerns and Directors and Learning and teaching staff for academic queries. However, should there be any issues that you feel require my attention please do not hesitate to contact me directly at the college.

Yours Faithfully

Rachel Wickham

Acting Principal



Having led the college as Principal for the last four years, Mr Simon has decided to leave the college. The Governors have allowed Mr Simon to leave with effect from the end of the Spring Term.

Mr Simon has asked that we pass on his thanks to colleagues, parents, Governors and students for their support during his time at the college.

The Governors would like to thank Mr Simon for his service and commitment to the college and wish him all the very best for the future.

Tutee Of The Week 26-29 March 2018

Tutors are asked to nominate a student who has shown care, consideration, effort or support through the college week.  These students will receive a letter home to congratulate them and names will be shared on face-book and the college website.  This will be attached to the students file and will be a recognition of being a positive member of the college community. With one student a week from each tutor group there is sure to be a chance for everyone!

Congratulations this week to:

7NF Student informed by letter
7NC Student informed by letter

Poetry Games 2018

This term, a group of students from Years 8 and 10 wrote poetry based on the theme of Freedom.

 The task encouraged self-expression and was a creative means for students to explore their views and opinions of what Freedom is and what it means to them. Some of the interpretations included: Bullying, Animal rights, Stereotypes, Freedom of speech, Dance, Identity, Truth and Confinement. Students effectively used a range of poetic devices and language features to present their ideas and created fantastic poems.

The poems were submitted to the Young Writers national competition, ‘The Poetry Games’ and 21 students had their work published in the Devon & Cornwall Anthology. Well done to everyone involved!






Exams Office Vacancy Summer Term 2018

Required from as early as possible in the Summer Term 2018.   Are you able to relate to young people? Are you reliable, punctual, flexible, accurate, a confident communicator and able to work under pressure? If so we could well have the right job for you.

Dawlish Community College wants to extend its team of exam invigilators, working with the Examinations Officer during the exam periods throughout the academic year.  You would be working with students, teaching staff and other invigilators. The ability to work as a part of a team is essential.   Full training will be given and the successful candidates will be expected to take a positive and active role in professional development to ensure the role is carried out to the highest standards.  Hours of work are varied according to national exams schedule.  Rate of pay:  £8.19 per hour.  Closing date: mid day on Monday 16th April.  Interviews will be held during week beginning 23rd April but that is subject to confirmation

The college is committed to the safeguarding and well-being of students and expects all staff to share in this responsibility.  The successful candidate will be required to under child protection screening, including enhanced DBS clearance, and full reference checks with previous employers.

Application Form


World Autism Awareness Week 2018

As part of this very important week, 7Y3 and 8Y3 have been working on becoming more aware of those diagnosed with forms of autism and they have created posters to inform others.

The students have been involved in discussions about autism and have watched videos that have encouraged them to understand the world from the point of view of someone who is autistic. They have listened to recordings of everyday sounds set up to demonstrate how an autistic person hears them, so that they gain an understanding of being in the body and brain of some of their peers.

The sessions they have had have changed the views of lots of the students, going from their initial comments and discussions at the end. The outcomes have included such comments as ‘autistic people are the same as us, they see things differently’ and ‘hearing noises like that must be so hard and make you panic’.

It is hoped that this week has been beneficial to everyone involved!