Underwater Champion!

Congratulations  to Caleb Pullen who recently took part in the underwater hockey championships in Tasmania as part of the Great Britain team. After a very close and tense final game against France, Caleb and his under 19 team mates won silver medals at the world.

The whole team played extremely well all through the competition with excellent sportsmanship and team work.  It is clear that playing at national level requires total commitment and focus and Caleb should be delighted his achievement.

Well done Caleb. DCC is very proud of your success and we look forward to hearing of your further adventures!





D’Art Award 2017

The Art Department were keen for all students to be engaged with this award once again, which is designed to raise the profile of art and the confidence of those shortlisted by exhibiting the work. After all students had submitted their work, 5 students per GCSE group were selected. 25 pieces of work were displayed in college and on posters around the site. with students, teachers & parents able to vote for their winner.

Daisy’s piece was produced for her final GCSE 10 hour exam on the topic Out of Place. Caleb and Amy produced their piece within their 10 hour mock exam in Yr10 for the identity topic. However, the standard of work by all students was very high and we congratulate everyone involved.

The award was sponsored by Hobbycraft and enabled students to gain prizes which will further their Art work. We thank them for their generosity and encouragement!




End of Summer Term 2017

This year the college will be closing at 1:30pm on Wednesday 26th July. All transport has been arranged to arrive at this time to collect students who travel by transport provided through the Local Authority. Students who have Stagecoach passes, will be able to catch the next scheduled service after 13.30.

A number of local secondary schools close early on the last day of term and this will allow us to provide a more focused end of term for the students. Students will return to college on Wednesday 6th September 2017.

With best wishes for an enjoyable summer break.

Yours faithfully

J Simon

Message from Community Safety Partnership

As you will undoubtedly have heard, this weekend saw the tragic loss of life of a fifteen year old teenager, Leah Kerry and the hospitalisation of two further teenage girls. A separate incident this weekend saw a thirteen year old taken to hospital for excessive alcohol consumption.

As we come into the school summer term, it is vitally important that we raise awareness of the key safety messages to students and parents/guardians about the risks of illegal drugs and alcohol, particular to those students who are most vulnerable.

As a partnership we would be most grateful if you could please relay the following important messages to all students and parents/guardians.

–       Drugs currently referred to as ‘legal highs’ (NPSs) are no longer legal.

–       People consuming drugs are not aware of what they are taking and they can be extremely dangerous – they can kill.

–       If anyone would like advice about drugs or alcohol, please visit TalkToFrank.com, a website which includes useful information.

–       We ask that parents remain aware of where their children are, what they are doing and who they are socialising with, particularly on social media sites, where drugs are becoming more readily available. Please encourage parents to have open and honest conversations with their children about the risks of drugs and alcohol.

–       If anyone is aware of people supply drugs to young people, they can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

The Police and CSP will be working closely over the summer and into the Autumn term to look at additional ways we can offer support.

Can we also remind you that there is a dedicated intelligence e-mail for information on drugs which will be essential in trying to reduce the chances of this happening again. As a reminder, the e-mail is teignbridgeyio@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk

Many thanks

Becca Hewitt, Chair of South Devon and Dartmoor Community Safety Partnership and Superintendent Jacqui Hawley, Local Policing Commander South Devon


TRAIL Art Exhibition 2017

Once again, the Art Department are delighted to be taking part in this event. Below is a description of our entry:

For the TRAIL art exhibition, our idea was making bumble bees and putting them around and inside glass jars. The jars we used were collected from our houses and were recycled, also, some of the bees were made out of the yellow capsules inside kinder eggs. The idea behind this was that the bees in the jars were representing how our environment is becoming more and more polluted and the air is becoming contaminated, smoggy and harder to breathe in. The bees suffocating in jars were representing the equivalent of this and how the bees that are so important to our environment can die out.


Cabaret 2017!

The Music Department offered two full evenings of musical entertainment this week, with a wide range of musical styles and genres on offer. Students performed with confidence and energy and it was clear to see their enthusiasm for performance. They were admirably supported by the Drama team who offered some unique and highly skilled performance work.

Superbly led by Jonathan Waterworth, Lizzie Hedden, Tamsin Carpenter, Tom Peters and the Student Leaders, the two evenings were warmly greeted and enjoyed by friends, parents and members of the local community.

Well done to everyone involved. We look forward to the next opportunity to share such talent!


Leading Lights In Languages June 2017

Every month the Modern Languages staff nominate students in each Key Stage for outstanding effort and achievement and the names of those chosen from the nominees are displayed on a noticeboard in the Languages Block. Certificates will be sent home each month to the successful students and their names will appear here on the College web site. We are very proud of them!

We would like to thank our Leading Light winners, for all the hard work they put into their studies in languages and look forward to their continued success in the future.

KS3 X band effort Izzy Bullock KS3 X band effort  Malachi Hibbins
KS3 X band achievement Lola Hogarth KS3 Y band effort Millie Dore
KS3 Y band effort Matthew Lowton KS3 Y band achievement Alex White
KS3 Y band achievement Chris Moore KS4 effort James Gale
KS4 achievement Esme Snell KS4 achievement Hannah Sydenham

The Circle of Life!

Students from DCC studying Health and Social Care have been out and about in the community visiting various care settings as part of their coursework.

They visited Tinkey’s pre-school where they played with young children aged 2-4 and learnt a lot about how children develop through play and interaction. Next stop was Oaklands Park School where they observed lessons, and learnt how the school caters for the complex needs of many of its students. Finally they visited Palm Court Nursing Home which looks after very elderly people, many of whom are suffering from Dementia.

The students behaved impeccably and were a credit to the college. Well done!

French Theatre Company comes to Dawlish

The Onatti Theatre Company, who write and perform plays specifically for secondary aged students, came to DCC recently to perform their play, Le Café, for 170 students in years 7 and 8. A French girl is starting the first day of her job in a French café but her boss is a nightmare and her customers are all very demanding. How will she get through her day?

The performance was entirely in French and the two actors were themselves French, so the students had a chance to hear different and authentic French speakers. One actor played eight parts with some amazingly quick costume changes so there was a wide variety of character voices for the students to listen to. The play was a fast moving farce and students appreciated the visual humour and the jokes in French. The audience was encouraged to participate and some brave students volunteered to come up and help the actors on the stage.

Staff and students really enjoyed the performance and we hope to see the Company back next year, possibly to perform in Spanish as well as in French!