Head's Welcome

Head of College Welcome

Welcome to Dawlish College.

It continues to be an absolute privilege to be the Headteacher at Dawlish College – the staff and students are second to none and take all of life’s challenges in their stride. Despite current uncertainties as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we continue to hold onto our core purpose in all that we do. Behind all of the decisions taken and measures put in place sits the balance between keeping staff and students safe whilst also providing them with a varied and exciting school experience.

Dawlish College is a vibrant and exciting place to be, where we have the highest expectations of staff and students alike and seek to provide challenge at every available opportunity. As a small school, we have a very proud record of holistic support, care and individual attention: the happiness and well-being of our students is of paramount importance and is a vital foundation for their growth and development. Our college has an atmosphere of creativity and positivity that is generated by the provision of excellent opportunities for every individual thereby maximising the outcomes and improving the life chances of the young people in our care.

As a parent myself, I understand that you want your child to be inspired, supported and challenged to be the best version of themselves within an environment that knows them and values them as an individual. Thank you for entrusting me with the care and education of your child, present or future, and I look forward to unlocking their ambitions as I get to know them and work closely with you.

R Wickham

A short story

We are very proud of this fantastic short story, written for English coursework, inspired by a picture and definitely think it's worth reading. Well done Meagan!

“What was she like?” The stranger asked as I sat peacefully on an old wooden bench staring out at the horizon. I turned to face the stranger. I gave him a small weak smile then turned my attention back to the horizon.

“The first day I met her was probably the best day of my life. I had always loved reading stories about how two complete strangers would run into each other and that would be the start of their love story. I wasn’t looking for anyone special at the time but, somehow, we managed to find each other.

It was a cold, frosty winter day, I was new to town and wanted some books for my collection, so I had decided to make a stop into a local bookstore called “Saudade”. It's Portuguese. It means missing someone or something you've never met. I remember walking through the large oak door frame, I was automatically hit with a welcome of warm air and the smell of old books with a small hint of cinnamon. I walked through each and every aisle making sure to pick up the books that caught my eye. By the time I had gone through every aisle at least twice I had quite a few books: five in count.

I made my way over to the counter; nobody was there so I rang the small silver belle that was placed neatly on a large black counter. No one came at first but soon someone walked through the curtains that stood just behind the counter. The first thing I noticed was her eyes, they were widely shallow with large emerald green pupils. Her face was perfectly circular which fitted her neck nicely. She wore a scarf which was filled with a range of different colours on her head, you couldn't see much of her hair, only one small strand at the front. It was braided beautifully in her night sky coloured hair. She had smooth, clear, dark shaded skin which automatically made her even more beautiful. She gave me a small smile before gesturing to the books, I quickly snapped back into reality and handed them over so that she could ring them up for me. I watched as she scanned them one by one, I felt awkward staring so I turned away and looked round the store.

“If you’re into these kinds of books, I would recommend “More than words” by Mia Sheridan” the young woman said, her voice was soft and gentle which made me smile.

I never intended to fall in love with a woman, but life happens in mysterious ways. Her and I have been through it all and back then I would’ve given everything I had to get her back but I now realise that she never left me, she’s always been right by my side every step of the way.

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