World Autism Awareness Week 2018

As part of this very important week, 7Y3 and 8Y3 have been working on becoming more aware of those diagnosed with forms of autism and they have created posters to inform others.

The students have been involved in discussions about autism and have watched videos that have encouraged them to understand the world from the point of view of someone who is autistic. They have listened to recordings of everyday sounds set up to demonstrate how an autistic person hears them, so that they gain an understanding of being in the body and brain of some of their peers.

The sessions they have had have changed the views of lots of the students, going from their initial comments and discussions at the end. The outcomes have included such comments as ‘autistic people are the same as us, they see things differently’ and ‘hearing noises like that must be so hard and make you panic’.

It is hoped that this week has been beneficial to everyone involved!