Uniform Policy

Dear Parents and Carers

I am writing  to  update  you of  a  few  changes  to the  college  practice  as  we  move  forward  in raising expectations  and indeed outcomes for our students.  As ever, we are keen to ensure students  are given the best possible opportunities  to succeed and as part of this we have reflected on our uniform policy in line with the high expectations we are now putting in place at the college.

With this  in  mind,  we  have  revised  our  current  policy. This  has  resulted  in  tweaks  rather  than any significant changes but does therefore ensure that staff are reinforcing our expectations across the college more  than recent  times.   Particular changes are  with  regards to  sock  colour,  jewellery and the appropriateness  of the school skirt. Clearly, we do not want students’ learning to suffer as a result of these changes  and are therefore writing to you prior to the new launch of the reviewed policy and practice. This will give ample time for preparing students to take to these changes positively.  We will be communicating these  adaptations and  reinforcing  our  expectations  with  students  during  the  week  beginning  the  5 February with the changes taking effect from the 19 February.

I would draw  your  attention  to  the  attached document which highlights our  expectations and the consequences  associated with the policy, on which the Principal’s decision is final.

We are, as ever, grateful to parents for supporting  the college in enforcing  these uniform guidelines with our students. We are proud of our students and our college and the uniform is a very visible sign of how we view ourselves and the expectations we have of those within our learning community.


Uniform Policy February 2018