Travelling to College

Travel passes will already have been sent to students.

  • The travel passes are photo passes and must be shown to the driver who will examine passes on every journey.
  • Students should agree a “plan B” system with parents, making alternative arrangements should they lose their passes.
  • If they lose a pass at school, they can obtain a temporary one from Mrs Cooper at Student Office or Mrs Bond.

Students will be refused travel if they do not have a valid pass, either permanent (issued by Devon County County) or temporary (issued by Mrs Cooper/Mrs Bond).

Replacement passes

Students will have to apply for a new travel pass, from the transport department of Devon County Council if their old one is lost. Replacement passes cost £5 each. These can be ordered and paid for online, or by enclosing a cheque with the form (download links to the form below). Only two replacement passes can be issued in any one year.

Rules for students travelling on LA transport

Students are reminded of the importance of safety when waiting for and travelling to college on Local Authority transport.

The college have a number of straightforward rules for students who travel on LA coaches. These are:

  • Students must sit down, facing forwards during the whole of the journey. They must not leave their seats until the vehicle is stationary at their stop and must wear the seat belts provided at all times during the journey.
  • Students must not touch emergency fittings except in the case of a real emergency.
  • Students must not touch roof vents under any circumstances.
  • No drink or food to be consumed on LA transport.
  • Bus passes must be carried at all times.
  • students must line up in the bus bay in good order, behind the safety margins.

In addition, we ask parents to sign their agreement to our Bus Charter, which states the following:


All students who travel on LA coaches, and their parents, will have agreed to the Code of Conduct.

“No Pass No Travel” Scheme

Dawlish Community College supports the (DCC) Devon County Council’s “No Pass No Travel Scheme” that operates on transport to and from this school.

  1. Only students who show a valid travel pass to the driver on every journey will be allowed to travel. Students must travel on the vehicle indicated on their pass.
  2. Please ensure that your child has their travel pass before they leave home every day.
  3. Please ensure that your child knows what to do in the event they are not allowed to travel or the bus does not arrive (e.g. because of breakdown or traffic conditions or severe weather). School attendance is very important and it is best to be prepared for any of these eventualities.
  4. DCC will carry out regular pass checks throughout the year.
  5. Drivers are not allowed to carry passengers who cannot show a valid pass.
  6. If your child loses their pass during the day they should go to the administration office to ask for a 10 day temporary pass.   Replacement passes cost £5 each and can be ordered online, or by sending a cheque with a replacement form.

Further info available available here.

Pupil Code of Conduct


Students may come to college by bicycle. All students cycling to college must wear a safety helmet. Bicycles should be left locked in the bicycle shelters when in college. Whilst we try to help with security, the insurance of cycles against theft or damage is the responsibility of students.

Road safety

All students are urged to take special care travelling to and from college. Students should not walk more than two abreast on the pavements and take great care crossing roads. Parents are asked to exercise particular care when dropping off or picking up students after college. No cars can be admitted to the college premises during college sessions. Students must not come to college on, or bring into college, skates, skateboards or scooters.

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