Student Planners

A student planner is more than a home learning diary. It is designed to help you to:

  • plan your work
  • manage your time
  • record your achievements
  • set targets for improvements

All this is up to you. Your planner will only be of benefit if you use it and keep all the sections up to date, so remember to include things.

Your planner is a means of communication between you, your teacher and your parents/carers. Make sure that they see your planner and sign it every week.

If you lose your planner you must obtain another from your tutor at a cost of £2.50.

Recording home learning

  • Homework should be recorded on the date set
  • Give a clear, accurate description of the work that you have been set

Contact between parents/carers and tutors

  • There is a space on each page of the planner for parents/carers to make a comment. This space should be used by a parent/carer to make contact with your child’s tutor.
  • Receipt of letters home should be acknowledged by a parent/carer by signing the pages at the back of the Planner.