Student Office

Students will go to the Student Office for the following services:

  • to collect and return the registers
  • to give messages or letters to be put in the registers
  • to sign in, if late
  • to sign out of college
  • to obtain or return a holiday form
  • to hand in medicine for safe-keeping. They should return to the Student Office to collect the medicine
  • to find help if feeling unwell. The Student Office will phone home and the students will wait in the Student Office until they are collected
  • to find First Aid
  • to collect a timetable or for queries about their timetable
  • to buy a Student Planner
  • to ask about Lunch Time Detention or After College Detention (ACD)
  • to ask about lost property
  • to see the Education Welfare Officer
  • to make an appointment to see the College Counsellor, a member of the Careers South West team, the College Nurse or the Neighbourhood Beat Manager
  • to contact home for any reason
  • to ask about reward certificates or attendance certificates

Lost Property

If you lose any property or clothing, please go directly to the Student Office. Unclaimed items are displayed at the end of term in the Quad Hall for students to claim. Make sure that your name and contact details are clearly displayed on all items.

Student Services

Student Services is a whole college approach to support all students whatever their circumstances. Student Services is designed to support students and help them make the most of their educational opportunities. There are a significant number of agencies that all have a role to play in supporting students. It is the role of the Student Services Manager to coordinate their inputs and to keep track of a student’s progress. The following is a quick reference list of the resources available for learning support via Student Services.

Student Welfare Officers

There are two Student Welfare Officers that work closely with the assistant principals of Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. Their role is to support students with learning and behavioural issues.

College Counsellor

As part of the supportive framework at DCC, students have the opportunity to access a counselling service within the school. They can do this via staff or self-referral through Student Office.

We have a fully qualified female counsellor, Luan Knott, who is individually insured and CRB checked. She works in tandem with Welfare and Intervention Officers, and Heads of Year to offer a confidential safe space where emotions can be explored and expressed, and coping strategies can be highlighted.

Self-reflection and resilience of the student is encouraged to help them find the best ways through some of life’s difficulties.

Education Welfare Officer (EWO)

The Education Welfare Officer follows up unexplained absences and irregular attendance patterns, and helps families who might be experiencing difficulties. The early intervention of the Education Welfare Officer in dealing with irregular patterns of attendance can benefit both students and the college by pre-empting more serious non-attendance. Student Services may use the Education Welfare Officer to meet their aim of helping students achieve their potential.

Child Protection Officer

All information regarding students on the Child Protection Register is kept by the appointed Child Protection Officer. Staff discuss any concerns they have regarding possible child protection issues with the Child Protection Officer. The Child Protection Officer attends relevant meetings and reviews concerning students on the Child Protection Register and provides reports concerning their academic and social progress.

Careers South West Personal Advisor

One of the key roles for the Careers South West Personal Advisor is to co-ordinate multi-agency support for students aged 13 to 16 facing complex problems. The Careers South West Personal Advisor is able to access a number of agencies directly and will work with students to help them make the most of the compulsory education and give them insight into opportunities post-16.

More information

More information about the Careers SW service can be found on theĀ Careers SW website.