The Grove

The College’s Catering facility, The Grove, has been awarded the Teignbeat Gold Award, which means that the quality of food, hygiene and staff were all judged to be of the highest standard by the local inspectors.

We take great pride in sourcing our ingredients as locally as possible and we are pleased to say that all of our main suppliers are from the South-West; for example, we have fresh bread delivered from our local baker, seasonal vegetables from our school garden, handmade organic pies from Buckfastleigh, pasta sauces from Newton Abbot, handmade pasties from Plymouth, and we sell water that has been bottled in the heart of Devon.

Operating times

The canteen operates at morning break, from 11.25am until 11.45pm. A range of hot and cold food and snacks are available at this time. From 12.45pm until 1.30pm a full menu is available, with a range of hot meals, fast food items, salads and desserts. Various drinks are also available at this time.

‘The White Stuff’ 

At Dawlish Community College we now have free milk available for free school meal students every day!  If your child would like to participate they can collect their 189ml carton of semi-skimmed milk from the canteen in Millennium Hall at break time or lunchtime.  Each free school meal student is allowed 1 free carton each day and this does not affect their daily spend limit of £2.30.

The same milk is also available to purchase at 25p per carton for students who do not have free school meals.

School meals

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is held in the canteen between 8am and 9am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. A range of hot and cold items are served at this time, including full cooked breakfasts, porridge and cereal. Drinks, fruit and some healthy snacks will also be available. A full English breakfast (7 items) costs only £1.70!

Purchasing food

The college’s preferred method of buying food is to use the Biometric Fingerprint Cashless Catering System.

Payment may also be made at the till by cheque or cash.

Queuing procedure

WeekYear Groups
Week AYears 7 and 8 queue first at break (11.25am) and lunchtime (12.45pm) followed by Years 9 and 10 at break (11.30am) and lunch (12.50pm)
Week BYears 9 and 10 will go first followed by Years 7 and 8
Year 11 can go in at any time

The Millennium Hall door by the toilets will be closed at the start of breaks and all students will enter through the door by Main Reception.

Pre-ordering food

Students have previously commented that, for various reasons – such as being on the second sitting or participating in lunchtime activities – they have been too late to obtain the food that they want. This can easily be avoided by pre-ordering food.

To pre-order food, complete the blue pre-ordering form and post it into the blue postbox (both in the Millenium Hall) by 9.30am on the day that the food is required.

The food will be available for either morning break or lunchtime, as indicated on your form. Please note that if you do not collect pre-ordered food by the end of lunchtime the cost will still be deducted from your catering account.

Price list

The price list below is effective from June 2015.

This price list can also be downloaded here

Main meals

Main meal & pudding £2.30
Main meal of the day£1.70
Hot special of the day £1.50
Pudding of the day 70p
Hot pot (i.e. macaroni, cheesy beanie, tomato pasta)£1.25
Hot Tortilla Wrap (chicken tikka or BBQ)£1.50
Jacket with beans or coleslaw £1.25
Jacket with meat, tuna or cheese £1.55
Soup & roll - from £1.00
Pudding- fresh fruit and a yoghurt70p

Hot bites @ Tuck

Panini - whole £1.85
Panini - half95p
Daily Hot Snack - hot dog, chicken filled bap etc£1.50
Naanster - rice & chicken in a folded naan£1.85
Calzone - folded pizza with various fillings£1.50
Pizza Snack Salami80p

Pasta & Salad & Ice Cream Bar

Pasta King - large £1.70
Pasta King - large - just cheese £1.95
Pasta King - regular £1.00
Pasta King - regular - just cheese £1.50
Salad pot - large £1.65
Cold Pasta pots - tuna, tomato or ham and cheese £1.00
Pot of cheese 70p
Fruit lolliesfrom 50p
Jubby Smoothies 50p
Ice cream tubs from 60p
100% Fruit Slush drinks £1.00

Cold selection

Baguette - chicken/ham/tuna/turkey/cheese £1.60
Baguette - egg £1.40
Filled wrapsfrom £1.40
Sandwich - chicken/ham/tuna £1.35
Sandwich - cheese £1.25
Sandwich - egg £1.00
Packed lunch meal deal £2.30
Tea Cake/Bagel/Pretzel60p
Bread roll - small 35p
Bread roll - large 50p


Fruit Cuplet 25p
Fair-trade Calypso Fruit juice carton 30p
Flavoured water - various flavours75p
Suso cans - various flavours60p
Fruit juice bottle - various flavours60p
Tarka water 330ml - still or sprkling45p
Tarka water 500ml still60p
Appletizer can85p
Yazzoo Milk shake small - strawberry or chocolate50p
Yazzoo Milk shake large - strawberry/chocolate/banana75p
Fresh milk (one a day free for FSM students)25p

Naughty but nice

Cookie 75p
Fudge brownie 80p
Muffin 85p
Shortbread 70p
Devonvale biscuits/bars75p
Baked doughnuts70p

Twice as nice

Piece of Fruit - from 30p
Fresh Fruit pot - i.e Strawberry/Grape/Raspberry
Slice of Melon 60p
Azestia pot - Mandarin/Pineapple/Peach & Pear 60p
Bevita bars 65p
Nutigrain Breakfast Bars70p
Proper Popcorn60p
Burts Lentil Crisps50p
Special K Cracker crisps70p
Packs nuts etc70p
Yoghurts - from45p
Sauce sachet 10p

Breakfast Tuesdays & Thursdays

Cooked Breakfast (Sausage, Bacon, Scrambled egg, Beans, Tomato, Mushrooms, Toast) £1.70
Bacon or Sausage Bap £1.25
Hash Brown/Toast 30p
Tea cake/bagel/pretzel60p
Croissant/Pain au Choc65p

Please note that some items are popular so you may need to pre-order, please speak to a member of the staff.


Canteen Menus

The Colleges ensures wherever possible that the food served fully complies with the most recent nutritional standards for schools. Our kitchen strives to use seasonal produce and locally sourced products throughout the range of meals they offer.

Below is a typical menu to give an example of the food available in the canteen.

Main course - Meat Beef Bolognaise Chicken Curry Beef & Ale Pie Roast Lamb Battered Haddock
Main course - Hot Pots Tomato Pasta (v)
Cheesy Beanie (v)
Macaroni Cheese (v)
Tuna Tomato Pasta
Tomato Pasta (v)
Cheesy Beanie (v)
Macaroni Cheese (v)
Tuna Tomato Pasta
Tomato Pasta (v)
Cheesy Beanie (v)
Macaroni Cheese (v)
Tuna Tomato Pasta
Tomato Pasta (v)
Cheesy Beanie (v)
Macaroni Cheese (v)
Tuna Tomato Pasta
Tomato Pasta (v)
Cheesy Beanie (v)
Macaroni Cheese (v)
Tuna Tomato Pasta
Main course - Vegetarian Homity Pie Sweet Potato & Lentil Curry Fish Pie Butternut Squash & Spinach Risotto Quorn Bolognaise
Starchy Food Warm bread roll RiceMashed Potato Roast Potatoes Chips
Vegetables Stir fried Vegetables Sugar snap peas Green Beans Carrots
Red cabbage
SaladMixed Salad Green Salad Coleslaw Side Salad Mixed Salad
Extra Bread Wholemeal roll Nann Bread Baguette Bagel Brown Bap
Dessert Selection of fresh fruit and yoghurts Hot Pudding Selection of fresh fruit and yoghurts Hot Pudding Selection of fresh fruit and yoghurts
Grab & Go (Hot) Theo's Chicken Wrap
Jacket Potato
Theo's Chicken Wrap
Jacket Potato
Theo's Chicken Wrap
Jacket Potato
Theo's Chicken Wrap
Jacket Potato
Theo's Chicken Wrap
Jacket Potato
Grab & Go (Cold) Sandwich, Wraps or BaguettesSandwich, Wraps or BaguettesSandwich, Wraps or BaguettesSandwich, Wraps or BaguettesSandwich, Wraps or Baguettes

Biometric Finger Recognition Cashless Catering System

At Dawlish Community College we operate a biometric cashless catering system that utilises the latest fingerprint recognition technology. Unique features of a fingerprint are extracted from a scanned image and converted into a biometric template. This is then converted into a number, which is checked against the template each time a student places his/her finger on the till scanner. All schools have a legal duty to obtain written consent from a parent or carer before students can be registered on this system.

We use a similar system called “Oliver” which permits students to borrow library books from our Learning Resources Centre.

Students’ biometric catering accounts are recharged by parents/carers paying into the college and students then purchase food and drinks at the till by placing their forefinger on the scanner, which will automatically take the value off their account.

Recharging Biometric Cashless Catering Accounts

There are three ways to charge accounts:
• online payments
• cheque
• cash

Students can find out their current balance by asking the till operator.

Online Payments

Online payments can be made via +Pay, a service provided by ParentMail2. There is no charge for this service.


Cheques can be used to recharge a catering account at the till.

Cheques may also be sent in to the college during the summer holidays. Cheques submitted during the summer holidays should state, on the back, the students’ name, their tutor group for the new academic year and “Catering Account”. Please send your cheque in at least a week before the end of the summer holiday, in order that it can be processed in time for the first day of term.


Cash can be used at the till to purchase food.

Daily spend limit

The general daily spending limit is £4.00. Students’ limits may be varied if their parents/carers make a request, in writing, to the college stating their preferred spending limit to the nearest 25 pence (i.e. £3.75, £4.00, £4.25 etc.).

Free school meals

Students who receive free school meals will have their catering accounts automatically recharged by £2.30 every day – unspent balances are not carried forward to the next day.

Students may add their own money to their account, using online payments, cheque or cash.

Emergency Catering Loan Vouchers

A Catering Loan Voucher will be issued in emergencies only, (i.e. if a student has lost, misplaced or forgotten their cash or cheque and has no credit on their account. Vouchers are provided, rather than cash, in order to ensure than the student can only use it for food and drink.

To obtain a voucher, which will allow a maximum spend of £4.00, students:

i. Must go to the Student Office Hatch and ask for a Catering Loan Voucher.
ii. Will be asked to sign a form and will be issued with a numbered voucher.
iii. After selecting food, give the voucher to the till operator, who will enter the total spent and retain the voucher.

Students should make a note of the cost, because they are expected to repay it to the Student Office Hatch on the next school-day.

Student Office staff will continue to call students to the hatch until they have repaid loans.