Behaviour for Learning

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At Dawlish Community College we believe that all learners should have the right to learn in every lesson and that your teachers have the right to teach you. We want everyone to work in a safe environment where all members of our college community feel respected and included.

How do we do this?

  • We listen to the views of everybody.
  • We show empathy and respect for all other people.

We all accept that every student has a choice about how they behave and has responsibility for their actions.

If you feel that your behaviour will disturb the class, and there may be a number of reasons why this may happen, you should take responsibility for how you feel and go to the Student Office or speak to your teacher at the very beginning of the lesson. This is a responsible choice which will allow other people to know how you feel and help you.

Your choices – Good choices

Good choices are rewarded by:

  • epraise points
  • Praise Postcards
  • letters and phone calls home
  • certificates at Awards Evenings

Your choices – Bad choices

If you choose to disturb the learning of others you can expect:

Green level

The teacher will speak to you about behaviour that is disturbing the learning of others.

Amber level

The teacher will ask you to move to another place in the classroom to enable you and other members of the class to continue learning.

Red level

If you choose to continue to disturb the class, the teacher will ask you to leave the classroom and you will take your work and be “parked” with another member of staff to work in their classroom.

If this happens a letter will be sent home. You will take your work back to your teacher at the end of the lesson and talk with them about your behaviour in class and how this can be prevented from happening again.


If you choose to behave in a way that seriously disrupts the learning in class the teacher may call for a member of the Leadership Team or a Student Welfare Officer who will ask you to leave the lesson and decide on an appropriate sanction.

Breaktime detention (BTD)

Members of teaching staff may decide to give breaktime detentions for a variety of reasons. If you are given a breaktime detention, the member of staff will make it clear why the you have received the breaktime detention and where and when you should attend.

Failure to attend a breaktime detention when clearly requested to do so by a member of the teaching staff will result in a lunchtime detention.

Lunchtime detention (LTD)

Lunchtime detention takes place on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12.45pm until 1.10pm. Reminder slips are issued during period 3 to all students who are required to attend a lunchtime detention on that day.

Any student failing to attend a lunchtime detention must give the reason why they have not attended. The member of Leadership Team dealing with lunchtime detentions will decide on the outcome.

Reasons for lunchtime detention:

  • Persistent failure to comply with the college uniform code without a viable reason
  • Persistent failure to bring the required PE kit without a viable reason
  • Persistent lateness – three times recorded
  • Failure to attend a detention when clearly requested by a member of staff at break or lunchtime

After-college detention (ACD)

After-college detention will take place on Thursday evenings from directly after college (3.35pm) until 4.30pm in the Quad Hall. Reminder slips are issued during period 5 to all students who are required to attend an after-college detention on that day.

Any students who do not arrive for an after-college detention will be seen by a member of the Leadership Team who will decide on what further action should be taken.

Reasons for after-college detention:

  • Truancy
  • Vandalism (this includes damage to technology equipment)
  • Language and/or behaviour deemed to be offensive or inappropriate to another member of the college community
  • Direct or repeated failure to follow instructions from a member of staff
  • Repeated failure to complete homework or coursework (this will be completed in ACD if not completed before)
  • Openly and clearly smoking on the college site or within the vicinity of the college during the college day (this includes directly before and directly after college)

If you are placed in after-college detention, a letter and/or phone call home will inform your parents/carers of your behaviour. The Student Office will also contact parents again on the day of the after-college detention.

Internal or external isolation

For more unacceptable behaviour towards members of the college community you may be internally or externally isolated.

The following behaviours show a very serious lack of respect towards others:

  • Verbal or physical bullying of another student
  • Fighting or actual or threatened violence towards another member of the college community
  • Substance abuse
  • Direct, blatant and premeditated anti-social behaviour designed to disrupt learning or verbal abuse to a member of staff


Students can be placed on Green or Red Report as decided by the Leadership Team. These are used to monitor behaviour in each lesson and will need to be signed by the student’s Form Tutor (green) or a member of Leadership Team (red).