Action Against Bullying

What is bullying?

Bullying may be either physical or verbal. It is about another person or group of people attempting to put you down or physically threatening you in any way. For example, you may be hit or pushed around, or you may be made to do things like give up crisps, sweets or pocket money. You might also be called names or be sexually or racially harassed.

A bully’s main weapon is the certainty that you will not tell anybody: Take that weapon away – Tell Somebody! Tell Somebody! Tell Somebody! Usually a teacher or adult you trust.

  • Tell yourself that you don’t deserve to be bullied.
  • Get your friends together and say no to the bully.
  • Stay with groups of people, even if they are not your friends. There is safety in numbers.
  • Try to ignore or rise above the bullying.
  • Try not to show you are upset, which is difficult.
  • If possible, avoid being alone in places where bullying happens.
  • Try being assertive – shout loudly. Practise in front of a mirror.
  • Walk quickly and confidently even if you don’t feel that way inside. Practise!
  • If you are in danger, get away. Do not fight to keep possessions.
  • Fighting back may make it worse. If you want to fight back, talk to an adult first.
  • If you are different in some way, be proud of it! It is good to be an individual.

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