Re: Period 6 and GCSE Revision Sessions

Dear Parent/Carer

As we approach the final few weeks of school (approximately twelve school weeks until exams start) I thought it would be helpful to make you aware of the additional sessions that are available to support students.

Although the following sessions are the allocated sessions to those subjects there are other sessions available for those needing access to materials and workshop space in practical subjects – please speak to the class teacher directly.

I am also sure that you will appreciate that sometimes choices have to be made as there are only five nights in the week. We will always direct students to attend the session that will be most beneficial for their outcomes rather than the one they’d prefer to attend or that their friends are attending. Your support in this would be much appreciated.


Spanish TSL (sign-up sheets in the Parker Building)

History SEW

French (A Week) VM



Ethics NF

Geography TS

History SEW

French RW

French (B Week) VM



Maths Higher Tier PW/NS

Science Foundation Tier RA/KMR



Maths Foundation Tier NCE/NS

Science Higher Tier KMR/RA



Computing DT

English will be running two Saturday morning sessions: 12th May 9am-12pm English Literature and 26th May English Language 9am-12pm. There will also be revision sessions available over the Easter holidays so please do consider that if booking holidays.

How to Support Your Child In English

Yours faithfully

Rachel Wickham

Vice Principal