Each year the Uniform Policy and approved list is published on the website.  This is not an exhaustive list but covers the main items required or not required in order to maintain the uniform.  The uniform and appearance guidance aims to:

  • Promote a sense of self respect and pride in both the students and their college
  • Emphasise equality
  • Prepare the students for the world of work
  • Raise their expectations of what they can achieve and get them in the right frame of mind to learn
  • Ensure that students present themselves in an appropriate way to be educated as befitting a blazer-based uniform

The uniform is not optional.  Failure to follow the uniform and guidelines will result in students being spoken to or parents and carers being contacted and a range of sanctions being implemented, such as lunchtime detentions.

The college values a student’s education and so this right will only be removed for persistent offenders.

All staff are encouraged to deal with uniform and appearance issues as soon as they arise with students being sent to Student Office for a note to be recorded in the student’s planner.


Plain black blazer with college logo.  Blazers must be worn at all times around the college site, apart from when shirt sleeve order has been decided by the Acting Principal when the weather is warm.  In cold weather the college jumper can be worn underneath the blazer but not instead of.

Plain white shirts  All students to have shirts with a top button.

College tie  All students must wear their ties in the correct place with an appropriate size knot.

Skirts must be of a simple, plain black design and of a regular length which is no more than 5cm above the knee.  They should be made of cloth and not a stretch fabric (not a bandage style or tightly fitting).

Trousers must be made of plain black material – not Chino style material which will fade – and full length; not shorts or ¾ length and should be loose fitting.  Jean-style trousers with studs or those made of a stretch material will not be allowed.  Leggings or jeggings will not be allowed.

Shoes/ankle high boots must be plain black with no logos, coloured soles or flashes. They should be of a material which can be polished and/or cleaned (i.e not of a canvas type). Shoes should be worn at all times (unless students are actively playing sports at break or lunchtime on the field).

Tights/socks must be black, white or flesh-coloured only. Multi-coloured or highly patterned socks/tights must not be worn.

Outerwear can be of parental choice of a waterproof, warm, suitable garment, but not leather or denim.

College Blazer and Tie
College Blazer and Tie
College Jumper and Tie
College Jumper and Tie

PE Kit

2016 PE Kit

Hairstyles and Hair Accessories

Hair clips or bands must be black, white or natural hair coloured. Floral decorations, scarves or items with gemstones etc. must not be worn. Hairstyles must be in line with a blazer-based uniform.  There must not be any designs cut into hair, or extreme coloured hair which is not of a natural hair colour.  Long hair must be tied back when requested.


1 necklace

1 simple finger ring

Maximum of two pairs of small studs or rings in the ears


Clothing that is NOT appropriate:

  • Girls’ blouses should button to the neck.  No open-neck fitted blouses.
  • Skirts must not have embroidery/zip-type decorations/large slits. Mini skirts, maxi skirts, tightly fitted pencil skirts, and ra-ra skirts are not allowed.
  • Skirts must not be made of a stretch fabric and not fitted (bandage style).
  • No denim to be worn in school.
  • Trousers have no decorations and should not be made of tightly-fitting stretch fabric/jean style or with jean style pockets.  Leggings are not allowed, with or without a skirt.
  • No shorts or ¾ length trousers.
  • Shoes must not have any logos.
  • Shoes must not be backless or a flip-flop style.
  • No canvas-style skate shoes with coloured laces or large tongues that do not have a heel.
  • Heels must not be more than 5cm high.
  • No shoes which could be interpreted as trainers, i.e. logos, stitching across the toes, or stripes.
  • Boots must not be worn outside trousers and must be black.
  • No hoodies (other than those with the official college logo and colour) are allowed within the college  at any time.
  • Overcoats and raincoats should be dark-coloured.
  • No scarves to be worn without an outdoor coat.
  • No hats to be worn around the college site.


After extensive consultation with uniform manufacturers we decided that Trutex provide the best combination of quality and price. We understand that the blazers are Teflon-coated, machine-washable with an embroidered logo, and will cost from £21.99 (size 28) to £30.00 (size 48).

In response to parental requests, Thomas Moore will also supply a sew-on badge, which will cost approximately £5, for those parents wishing to buy plain black blazers from another outlet.


 Where to purchase

All uniform items can be purchased from Thomas Moore Ltd, 102 Fore Street, Exeter.

Download the uniform price list here and approved trouser and skirt uniform price list here

Items can also be purchased online from the Thomas Moore website.

Online resources

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