Student Welfare

The Pastoral System

The pastoral system of the college ensures that each child is supported throughout their time with us. Each student has a tutor who is responsible for their overall progress, general welfare and attendance, as well as encouraging good behaviour and high standards of dress. The tutor sees their tutor group each day. The work of tutors is co-ordinated by the Year Group Team Leader, who may deal with more serious matters of welfare. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s tutor or Year Group Team Leader about matters of concern.

Positive Learning – Rules, Rewards and Sanctions

The college has developed a programme to support and encourage student learning and good behaviour, called Positive Learning. The programme recognises that learners thrive best when being praised for effort, good work and good behaviour. The aim is to give every student opportunities to achieve success and for staff at the college to praise and reward them when they achieve it. This is done both informally and more formally using a sticker system. Students gain stickers in their student planners which build up to the ward of certificates and vouchers.

The top award is the Diamond award for 250 stickers.

In addition to this, there are thank you cards which are issued to students for acts of community service around and about the college. Students keep one half and the other half is put into a raffle for the end of term. For this academic year we shall also be issuing Praise Postcards to students in Years 10 and 11 to celebrate achievement and outstanding effort in English, Mathematics and Science.

It is clearly important for everyone’s well-being that the college is run in a positive way which helps learning and makes sure everyone is safe and secure. For this reason we do apply sanctions when these are necessary.

A breach of discipline or unacceptable behaviour is normally dealt with by the teacher there and then. In case of more serious misbehaviour, certain other sanctions are used. These include:

  • placing students on report
  • referring students to senior members of staff
  • lunchtime or after-college detention
  • referral to an outside agent
  • in isolation by the office of a senior member of staff
  • exceptionally, exclusion from college for shorter or longer periods

Parents are always consulted and involved over matters of serious indiscipline. At least 24 hours’ notice is given to parents in relation to after-college detention. The aim of sanctions is to improve the child’s behaviour.

In each teaching area, information is prominently displayed and students receive clear guidance at the beginning of the autumn term and at later points in the year about the full meaning of the Positive Learning programme.

Positive Learning classroom rules for students to follow:

  • arrive at each lesson on time with all necessary equipment and home learning
  • listen to instructions and follow them immediately
  • be silent and pay attention when anyone is talking to the class
  • raise your hand if you need attention and wait quietly
  • do your work to the best of your ability and allow others to do theirs
  • work safely at all times

Helping to Keep Your Child Safe Online

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