Parents’ Evening Bookings

We have added the Parentmail Parents Evening Manager to our suite of web-based communication applications and it is available through the Parentmail app on your phone or tablet or through your account on their website.  You can access your Parentmail account here

 If you have already booked with our old parents evening system you will need to rebook on Parentmail because our previous system is now obsolete.

If you do not have an active Parent mail account please contact the school via so that we can help you set one up. You will find information below to support you in using Parents Evening Manager.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Student Office should you need any further advice on this system.

Parents Evening Manager

How do I book my parents’ evening appointment online?

If your school are using the Parents’ Evening Manager Application, you will be able to book Parents’ Evening online through your ParentMail Account or through the free ParentMail App. If you have received an invitation to book parents’ evening, it will appear as a notification in your feed.

Once you have opened the invitation, you will be presented with the parents’ evening booking form. This will tell you further information about parents’ evening – such as the location, the dates and the “session status”. You will not be able to book your parents’ evening appointment unless the status shows as “Accepting Bookings”.

If you are able to book Parents’ Evening now, select the date you would like to book. Depending on your school, there may be one available date, or several. You will be able to see this by using the drop down box.

Once you have selected the date, please click ‘View/Book Appointments’; here you will be able to view the available appointments to book, with the times and teacher available. To book an appointment, simply click on the slot in question, then click on an available time to book.