Medical Matters

Illness in College

Minor accidents are dealt with by staff with a First Aid qualification. In the case of more serious accidents, it may be necessary to send the child to hospital, so it is most important that parents give us emergency contact numbers. If it is thought necessary to get a sick student home, parents will be contacted first.

Prescribed Medicines

Any child taking prescribed medicines during college hours should:

  • bring a note from parents informing their tutor of the particular illness
  • leave the tablets or medicines with Student Office who will keep it in a safe place and administer the correct dosage as required. Parents/carers will need to sign a form giving authority for the receptionist to dispense the medication. This form can be downloaded from the Devon County Council website here.


Vaccinations take place in college as advised by the local Health Authority. Parents will be notified of vaccination dates.

School Nurse

A School Nurse holds sessions at college on a regular weekly basis and liaises with local GPs.

School Nursing Service┬áNewsletter – January 2018

Medical/Dental Appointments

Parents are asked to make general appointments with dentists and doctors after college hours whenever possible.

Online resources

Pupil health and safety: DirectGov