Insurance of Property

The Local Authority does not accept responsibility for loss or damage of articles of personal property on school premises.

Devon County Council expects all employees and students to accept full responsibility for their personal possessions, including money, and to take out the necessary insurance themselves to cover the risks involved. In exceptional cases even though there is no legal liability but where perhaps some moral obligations may be felt to exist, the council will give consideration to the making of an ex gratia payment in respect of personal property which is damaged or lost.

Parents/carers are therefore strongly urged to:

  • take out insurance against loss or damage of personal property for their children away from home. In many cases this can be a simple extension of home contents insurance
  • make sure their child brings only essential items of equipment to college
  • not allow expensive property, e.g. mobile phones, MP3 players, games consoles etc. to be brought to college. Theft of these items should be reported to the police
  • see that every article of clothing and property is clearly marked with the student’s name. Dymo tapes should be used where fabric tapes cannot
  • insist that money, watches etc. be handed to staff for safe-keeping
  • pay for school catering online or by cheque
  • provide a strong serviceable waterproof bag to carry belongings safely to and from college