epraise Rewards Parents

You can log into the parents’ epraise website by clicking onto the epraise logo above.

epraise is a points-based system that is deliberately set up to incentivise and encourage the development of the behaviours, attitudes and skills required in the workplace and the wider world. College staff will award students epraise points which they can earn for academic achievement, effort, behaviour, homework, going above and beyond and extra curricular clubs. Students will also be awarded epraise points for personal attributes for employability and life.  These are awarded as Leadership, Organisation, Initiative, Resilience and Communication and are awarded when you complete sections in the tutor time PiXL Edge course. Students will also be awarded accolades, and achievements. An accolade is an award granted as a special honour or as an acknowledgement of merit.


To log on to epraise you need your email address and password. Your email address is the one you have used on the enrolment form or annual data update record. On the epraise site click the PARENTS tab. Enter your e-mail and password in the space provided.

A help guide on how to access and use the parents section of epraise can be opened here.

A video cast to show you how to use epraise as a parent or carer can be played below.

Should you require any further assistance please click here to contact the epraise administrator.

Build up points to win Awards & Milestones


When a member of staff awards points it is the same as them giving students a commendation.  As the points build up students can be entered for termly prize draws; exchange points for items from the eshop. To view shop items click here. Prizes are awarded in the end of year awards assemblies.  Some staff may issue the points on screen during lessons, or staff may issue an epraise ‘merit’ point sticker to add to the Student Planner.  We encourage parents and carers to check and monitor their child’s planner.  In all cases the student would have earned the praise points, either the staff member or student will have entered this onto the epraise system. Tutor groups and houses who get the most points will be rewarded by receiving awards in the end of term assemblies.


If a student donates points to charity their value is converted into a cash donation which the College will make. Each house will have its own dedicated charity.  Click here to see the donations page.

Prize Draws

Prize Draws will take place every half term. To view the prize termly prizes click here.  Students are entered by achieving enough points for automatic entry, purchase entry with their points or are nominated by staff.  Draws will be advertised in advance on epraise to give students an aspirational target.

How do I see how many points my child(ren) have earned?  Parents are able to log on to epraise to see their progress. Parents can also log into this site by using the email address they have supplied to the College.


Welcome to the epraise shop @DCC. Here you can browse items that are available for your child to exchange their epraise merit points.


Parents and carers will receive a student report at the end of the Summer term.  At the end of the College year a student’s epraise report will include all the points they have earned, any accolades they have been given, the achievements and milestones they have been awarded. This information is available through viewing your child(ren) on the epraise system.

epraise Accolade achievements
When you look at a student’s profile in epraise you will see some grey boxes at the bottom of the screen. These boxes can be lit up by a member of staff.

epraise Demerits
Staff, students and parents/carers can monitor through epraise the behavioural ‘demerit’ incidents that have been logged by staff.  The College strongly recommends that parents/carers check these demerits to ensure these behaviour incidents are discussed at home to help support mentoring by staff at the College.  epraise points are not deducted from a students total and are recorded only.

College Clubs/Offers

epraise points can also be earned by students who successfully complete a College club, offer or activity.  Having signed up through epraise to a College club, offer or activity and upon satisfactory attendance points will be issued.


When an Milestone is achieved, parents and carers will receive a notification by email alerting them of successfully reaching this milestone.

Attitude to Learning scores

At the end of the Summer term all students will be awarded praise points.  This is based on an average of the ATL scores awarded across all subjects throughout the year.


This bar chart shows the progression by each year group.

Year groups

House graph – current & last week

This graph shows the progress being made by each of our houses over the current and past week. The house structure works in conjunction with our tutor group system. Each year group has approximately 25 to 30 tutees from the tutor groups who will belong to a house making up our new house system.

House graph – mean per students

This bar graph shows the mean progress being made by each of our houses.

House points over time

This graph shows the total amount of pupil merit points awarded month by month highlighting the total points gained by each house.


The pie chart shows the percentage of praise points being allocated by subject staff.


At the end of each week students will be awarded points for attendance, this is displayed in this pie chart.

Points over time

This line graph shows amount of pupil merit points being awarded month by month.