Parents’ Forum – Wednesday 31st January at 6pm

Last year the college began a ‘Parents’ Forum’ and successfully held the first two evenings in September and again in November. The aim of these evenings is to provide opportunities for you to express your views to the Principal and other senior staff. The meetings are friendly and informal, with ample refreshments. This is different to the role of ‘Parent Governor’ but the ideas and suggestions made to the college will be fed back to the Governing Body.

As a college we are looking to make some exciting changes and are keen to engage with parents and carers collaboratively as we move forward. You can make a big difference to your child’s education by having your say in the progress and development of Dawlish Community College.

I would welcome any suggestions for future meetings, and would like to invite you to our next meeting on Wednesday 31st January at 6pm in the Drama Studio. If you would like to attend please contact the office email identifying any particular areas you feel you would like to discuss.

It would be extremely positive if we had parent representation from all of our partner Primary schools across our catchment. I hope to see many of you on the evening of 31st January and look forward to working closely with you throughout 2018.

Kate Bukowski

Assistant Principal