Parents’ Forum Feedback

Feedback from our recent Parents’ Forum was very positive. It was fantastic to see it so well attended and a number of issues were raised and discussed. Some of the points below highlight the full range of discussions:

EPraise:  There were concerns about how effectively EPraise was being used by staff for homework and rewards, and the marking of work and homework was also discussed. A working party with members from the Parents’ Forum has been established and Mrs Wickham has been speaking with staff to clarify how EPraise must be used. Further exploration and monitoring of these issues will continue through the working party. Some concerns were raised about the new Science Curriculum, where there has been an increased amount of content. Mr Cornish assured parents this was being addressed. The use of Period 6 for Year 11 students was also being evaluated, with some very positive experiences identified.

The recent changes to Timings of the Day was also seen to be positive, although in the first instance some clubs and activities have been affected. This is now being addressed. Re-Learning after school following tests in some curriculum areas was seen as a useful and effective activity in raising individual progress, but it was acknowledged that students were not always at their best after a long day at school.

Changes of Leadership: Mr Cornish advised the formal agreement has been extended. This gives us a more secure foundation as we work together. An internal advert has been posted for a Head of School on a secondment in the short term, with responsibility for the day to day running of the school.

Governors are more aware of their responsibilities and firmly believe that the leadership currently in place have the skills to move the college in the right direction.

Option Choices for Year 9 students was also discussed. DCC is far less prescriptive in terms of what choices students can make. Students choose and then the option blocks are created. The college will continue with a 3 year KS3.

The Uniform Policy was discussed in light of future changes. There will be a new logo and the badge will be able to be sewn on which then makes cost minimal. Funding has been secured to provide students with a new tie. Jumpers will be phased out.