Learning Resources Centre (LRC)

The LRC is situated on the ground floor of the Jubilee Building and houses over 10,000 books. It includes 6 networked PCs, a digital projector and printing/scanning facilities. There is a wide selection of non-fiction supporting learning in all curriculum areas as well as recreational topics. There is good cross-section of fiction books including newly published materials which are updated regularly throughout the year. As part of Devon School Library Service Exchange scheme the stock is kept up-to-date with collections that are regularly changed and added to.

Opening Times

The LRC is open from 9.00am until 3.30pm daily and can be used for class and individual study. Regular English lessons are timetabled to be held in the library to promote the facility, and run lessons which rely on the library’s materials and teach students how to use them effectively. The librarians also run a film club on a regular basis.

The LRC is open to all students during break and lunchtimes for quiet reading, AR quizzing, private study and research. Students who wish to use the LRC at these times are expected to follow the school’s behaviour policy as normal, as we see the library as an area of learning – not a common room.

Borrowing Procedures

Students may borrow two books for two weeks and staff may borrow up to six books for a six week loan period.

All books must be returned to the LRC counter to be discharged. If books are required longer than the standard loan period, they may be renewed.

Although there are no fines for late books, a £5.00 contribution will be required if a book is lost. Year 11 students cannot be signed off from school until all outstanding books are returned to the LRC or paid for.


The LRC hosts visiting authors who give talks as well as creative writing workshops. Recent visitors include local author Luisa Playa, Bali Rai, and Dan Freedman. Groups of students work with the authors to discuss their books and receive advice on how to improve their writing.