Leading Lights In Modern Languages November 2017

Every month the Modern Languages staff nominate students in each Key Stage for outstanding effort and achievement and the names of those chosen from the nominees are displayed on a noticeboard in the Languages Block. Certificates will be sent home each month to the successful students and their names will appear here on the College web site. We are very proud of them!

We would like to thank our Leading Light winners, for all the hard work they put into their studies in languages and look forward to their continued success in the future.

French   Spanish  
KS3 X band Effort James Cottrell KS3 X band Effort  Emily White
KS3 X band Achievement Mia Garrett KS3 X band Achievement Casey Hillidge
KS3 Y band Effort Kelvin Hickerman KS3 Y band Effort Julie Ryan
KS3 Y band Achievement Caitlin Dennis KS3 Y band Achievement George Allen
KS4 Effort Heather Church KS4 Effort Jonathan Ham
KS4 Achievement Hannah Barallon KS4 Achievement Bianca Meintjes