La Galette des Rois

During the month of January, the MFL team have been celebrating Epiphany with the French traditional cake “La Galette des Rois” (King’s Cake). This is made with almond paste (“frangipane”: ground almonds, sugar, butter and eggs) encased with puff pastry – délicieux!

“‘La galette des Rois’ celebrates the Epiphany (when the three kings visited baby Jesus). You can eat the cake a few days before and after the 6th January and it can be found in most bakeries in France during the month of January! According to tradition, the ‘Galette des Rois’ was baked to “draw the kings” to the Epiphany.

A figurine called “la fève”, is hidden in the cake before baking. Originally, “la fève” was a broad bean, but they were replaced in 1870 by a variety of figurines made of porcelain. To make sure that giving out the slices of cake is fair, it is traditional for the youngest person to go under the table and call out in turn who should get each slice.

The person who finds the fève in their slice becomes King or Queen for the day and has the opportunity of bossing the rest of the family about! A couple of paper crowns are included with each cake to crown the “King or Queen” who must then choose their partner to be Queen/King.

In Ms Noble’s year 8 class Jenna Berry got the charm and chose Lily Brown as her queen. In Ms Noble’s year 10 class it was Holly Strickland-Boundy who found the charm, and chose Kate Stevenson as her Queen.

In Ms Marc’s year 11 class Taylor Williams got the charm (for the second year running!!)

Ms Marc made a Galette for the MFL teachers too as the French tradition goes and Mrs Wickham was queen and chose Ms Marc (the chef) to be her queen.

Look up the recipe on the internet and celebrate this tradition next year – you won’t be disappointed!