French Theatre Company comes to Dawlish

The Onatti Theatre Company, who write and perform plays specifically for secondary aged students, came to DCC recently to perform their play, Le Café, for 170 students in years 7 and 8. A French girl is starting the first day of her job in a French café but her boss is a nightmare and her customers are all very demanding. How will she get through her day?

The performance was entirely in French and the two actors were themselves French, so the students had a chance to hear different and authentic French speakers. One actor played eight parts with some amazingly quick costume changes so there was a wide variety of character voices for the students to listen to. The play was a fast moving farce and students appreciated the visual humour and the jokes in French. The audience was encouraged to participate and some brave students volunteered to come up and help the actors on the stage.

Staff and students really enjoyed the performance and we hope to see the Company back next year, possibly to perform in Spanish as well as in French!