This section contains dates and information about examinations and assessments for students at Dawlish Community College.


All 2017 uncollected Certificates are now available to collect from main reception during college hours.  Should former students be unable to collect them and would like to nominate someone to do so on their behalf written permission will be needed.

We also have uncollected certificates from 2002 awaiting collection.  The examination boards require us to keep them for one year after issue and then they can be securely destroyed.

Please contact the college if you think you have not collected yours.

GCSE Examinations – before the day

Prepare for your exam in advance using the checklist below:

  • Check your Statement of Entry has the correct name for your certificates and you have all of the entries that you have been told about by your teachers. Any mistakes should be reported to the College Exams Officer, Mrs Bannister, immediately.
  • Make sure you know the days and times of your exams and turn up on time. Links to the exam timetables can be found in the menu on the left hand side of this page.
  • Bring the correct equipment for each exam – make up a special clear pencil case with all of the items needed for exams.
  • Check you have an up-to-date College ID Card or photographic ID and make sure you bring it with you.
  • Know the exam regulations and make sure you understand them – not knowing about something is no excuse if you lose your marks for an exam.
  • Check the exam noticeboard outside the Quad Hall regularly when you are in college.
  • Eat properly before the exam and don’t get dehydrated. This will help you concentrate better. You are allowed to take water/squash into the examination room.
  • If you are unsure of anything then please ask a member of staff for advice.

Remember the most important thing is to try do your best on the day.

GCSE Examinations – on the day

Start/finish times

All morning examinations begin at 9.00am. Students should be in college ready to enter the exam room by 8.45am. Afternoon examinations normally begin at 1.30pm. Students should be ready to enter the exam room at 1.15pmSome afternoon examinations finish after 3.35pm.

Aim to arrive at school 15 minutes prior to an exam at the latest. It is much better to leave yourself a safety margin on timings in case of problems with the journey.

School uniform

School uniform is compulsory and must be worn during the examination period. Any students not wearing correct uniform may be asked to wear an item from lost property.

Photo identification

Invigilators are required to positively identify each candidate with a photograph. The easiest form of photo identification is your College ID card. A passport, photo driving licence or other official photo identification with name and a photo is acceptable.


Please make sure you have all the equipment you need for each examination. As a minimum, students should have two pens with black ink, two HB pencils, a ruler and an eraser for each examination. Other equipment, such as coloured pencils and a calculator, may be required for some examinations. Only clear pencil cases are allowed on your desk during the examination.

Written answers must be written in black ink. Do not use gel pens – this is because many of the exam papers are now scanned and sent electronically for marking – gel pens do not scan well. Correction fluid, such as Tippex, is not allowed.

In an exam where you have the use of a calculator, you should not have a calculator cover in the room so please leave it in your bag. Please note the college cannot always provide calculators.

Students should not bring bags to the examination hall. They are difficult to store and can cause a safety hazard. Please leave your bags and coats in your lockers. Cages for such items will be provided outside the Quad Hall, but are not secure and as such the college cannot accept responsibility for any missing items at the end of the exam.  Some exams are held in classrooms and in that case should you bring your bag it will be put at the front of the room.  If this happens please ensure your mobile is switched off and is in your bag.  Should it ring this is a reportable offence to which there are several consequences as outlined in the JCQ – Suspected Malpractice in Examinations and Assessments – Table of offences and ranges of penalties.  Valuables and items such as money and keys can be handed in for safe keeping or kept with you in your blazer pocket or in your clear pencil case. Please note that mobile phones must not be taken in to the examination room.

You should not have any unauthorised materials or equipment, including notes, iPODS, iwatches, Mobile Phones, MP3/4 players or any potential technological/web enabled source of information in your possession in any exam room.  This now includes normal watches which must not be worn in any exam room.  Possession of any unauthorised items is a serious offence and could result in disqualification from your examination and your overall qualification

Electronic devices

Mobile phones, iPods, iwatches and other watches, MP3/4 Players or products with a potential technological/web enabled source of information are not to be taken into the examination room.  The possession of unauthorised items is an infringement of the regulations and could result in disqualification from the current examination and the overall qualification. Even if the device is accidentally kept on a person it has to be reported to the examination boards. Please leave them in your bag or at home.

Food and drink

Food is not allowed in the exam rooms except for medical reasons.

Water or squash in bottles with a spill proof cap are allowed in the exam rooms. There should be no label on the bottle and the bottle should be kept on the floor.

Illness/other difficulties

If you are feeling unwell or have other difficulties on an examination day the golden rules are:

  • Try to come and sit an examination even if you feel really ill
  • In the case of any illness, which affects your work go to your doctor and ask for a letter explaining your condition.
  • If you miss more than one paper the examination board is unlikely to give you a grade under any circumstances.
  • Contact the Examinations Officer, Mrs Bannister, for advice by telephone as soon as possible.

All illness must be reported to the Examination board at the time of the exam or as soon as possible afterwards, but in any case no later than 1 July.

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