Home Learning

In addition to the links below, useful information about home learning can also be found in the parents and students sections.

Home Learning Tasks

Home learning tasks are detailed in the Home Learning section of each subject.

Homework timetables

Each year homework timetables are issued to students, parents and carers illustrating the homework that they should receive each week. This is indicative and is subject to change, depending on circumstances (for example, due to staff illness or controlled assessments which can only be completed in class).

The homework timetable shows when the homework is set. Each teacher will set a due date and the student will need to manage their workload accordingly. This is an important skill to learn. Some subjects will set homework each week while others may set project-based homework which may take up to half a term to complete.

It should be noted that there will be occasional circumstances when it is not possible to adhere to the timetables and homeworks may not be set or deferred to another date. Details of these arrangements will be written down when possible in the student planners.


Frequency of homework

Year GroupWeekly SubjectsFortnightly Subjects
Year 7 English, Mathematics and Science ICT, Humanities (rotations of Geography, History, Values and Beliefs), Art, Music, Design and Technology and French
Years 8 and 9 Science, Mathematics, English, Language (French/Spanish), Humanities (rotations of Geography, History, Beliefs and Values apart from the final rotation week), Art (project based) ICT, Music, Design and Technology
Years 10 and 11 Science (one subject each week from Biology, Physics and Chemistry), Mathematics, English, French, Spanish, Geography, History, Applied Ethics, PE (option not core) ICT, Ethics, Design and Technology (possibly project based), Certificate of Personal Effectiveness, Ethical Thinking