Creativity on the Coast Art Workshop

On Monday 30th January our Year 9 Art and Catering students had the chance to participate in a Creativity on the Coast Workshop provided by Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub.

This fantastic workshop allowed the students to get hands-on with fresh fish, starting with a session on observational drawing. There were some excellent drawings produced by the Year 9s using techniques of studying and recording that they have been practising as part of their GCSE.

Some of the students had been squeamish about touching the fish, but the next task soon had them all involved! The group were taught the traditional Japanese art of Gyotaku: printing with fish. They used a roller to apply ink to the surface of the fish, then pressed it onto a sheet of paper, producing a remarkably detailed impression of their chosen creature. The students loved this task, and the outcomes created using the octopus were a particular hit!

The group also had the chance to create ‘sea scape tiles’ by etching their drawings onto painted tiles using a nail, and to make printed cards using polystyrene. They produced some lovely work which we are planning to display in the school grounds.

Any students taking both Art and Catering were treated to a cooking demonstration, where they were shown how to fillet fish and coat it in breadcrumbs to make ‘fresh fish fingers’. They all got involved by asking questions, working on their knife skills and of course tasting what they had made!

Well done to our Year 9s for their excellent effort during the workshop, and a big thank you to the staff at Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub for a fun and inspiring morning.