Christmas Meal Options 2017

In a break from tradition we will be providing a different type of menu for our own Christmas meal. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the last week of term we will be selling a ‘Christmas Meal Deal’ which will include the following:

Christmas Panini with a festive filling OR a vegetarian festive Panini

Rudolph Christmas biscuit

Hot chocolate OR fruit juice drink

Christmas cracker

The cost of the meal deal will be £2.30 and will be available on the 2nd school break on the 11th, 12th, & 13th December.  Please make sure your child’s online dinner money account is topped up for these days.

Free School Meals – if your child has a free school meal they will be able to participate as normal but they will have to reserve their allocation for break 2 and not purchase food in break 1. The normal daily spend limit is £5.00 so if you are happy for your child to spend more than £2.30 allocated by the school for a free school meal please top up your child’s online account through Parentmail.