Cake Express rise to the top!

DCC year 9 Business students were treated to a visit by the University of Exeter Business School on May 21st.  The students worked in small groups, competing against each other over six rounds of the business modelling game ‘Gorgeous Gateaux’.

The activity tested their decision-making skills surrounding production, pricing and competitive markets. They had to work out how many crates of cakes they should produce and what price they should sell them for, whilst trying to second-guess their competitors’ decisions.

The overall winners were ‘Cake Express’, made up of Kai Monks, Oliver Henderson,

Lily Andrews, Chloe Petricca and Olivia Taylor who triumphed with an overall profit of £32,000 which was £5000 more than their nearest rivals!

The students felt they really learned from the whole experience and could see the value in learning theory in a relevant, contextualised situation.

The department would like to thank the University of Exeter for their time and enthusiasm, and Mrs Friend for her exemplary organisation.


Year 9 BTEC Business Students with Hayley Kendall (L) and Hannes Titeca (R) from University of Exeter Business School