Baby Love!

The Health and Social Care students have been learning about Human growth and Development this term, and they are now invited to take home a “virtual” baby for the weekend, in order to experience how to care for a new-born baby. The doll behaves like a new-born baby, needing to be fed, changed, cuddled and will scream if its needs are not met!

The first “volunteers” were Charley and Sophie. Charley was so excited but admitted that it was a lot harder than she had first thought: “Saturday night was okay but didn’t get much sleep because it kept waking up and wanted to have cuddles and I needed to feed it and change it”

Sophie had the baby girl and said she really enjoyed the experience: “The baby at the weekend was fun and it was a good experience.

All students will be given the opportunity to have this experience as long as their parents are happy for them to do so. We hope they learn a lot from this, and realise that looking after a small baby is hard work!