This prospectus will give you a mere flavour of all that our College has to offer your child and the core values around which we work. To find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch with either myself or a member of the senior staff. We will be very happy to give you a tour of the College at work.

Mrs R Wickham,  Acting Principal


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Dawlish Community College is committed and passionate about making sure we do our very best for every child in our care. Our 2019 vision for the college underpins everything we do – “In 2019 Dawlish Community College will be a truly learning centred school which strives to nurture all of its learners. All of the college systems will be designed to meet its core purpose – ‘to inspire, challenge and support every individual to be better than they ever thought they could be’ and prepare them to take their place in an ever-changing world”.

Our co-operative values help create the culture and environment in which all students will succeed. We aim to ensure that students not only succeed in academic terms, but by involving students in their education and encouraging responsibility, respect and independence, we will produce young people ready to take their place in a modern society.

Working with our co-operative partners and wider community we seek to continuously improve our partnerships within our partner primary schools, community groups and local businesses, whilst benefitting the students at the college.

“We have so many amazing memories of Dawlish Community College, as you know, all of our children are very different, and yet the college has been a great experience for them all and we are very proud of what they have achieved.”

Parent of four children who all attended Dawlish Community College 


We are fortunate to have a great team of teaching and support staff at the college. We have assembled a team of staff who are committed, dedicated and determined to ensure that learning at the college is inspiring, interesting and relevant to the real world. Importantly lessons are also well matched to the needs of the individual student.

Learning is made more interactive through the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and a college- wide wi-fi system. Every classroom has a digital projector and a computer and in addition there are nine ICT suites across the college, with a good supply of laptops and tablet devices. This facilitates learning on the move and more independent and group work.

The innovative and responsive curriculum supports learning by being tailored to the needs of the individual. There are many opportunities for more able students to accelerate through the curriculum. As an example, they can study the separate Sciences to allow for more in-depth study, and Mathematicians are offered the AS bridging course in Year 11 as well as their regular Maths GCSE. Equally students can follow more applied courses in areas such as Engineering, Business Studies and Health and Social Care, all of which are popular subjects and allow for progression to further education. We are very fortunate to have the use of the Red Rock Skills Centre for students studying vocational courses in hairdressing, construction and catering, and which has been recognised by OfSTED as being highly successful in providing excellent opportunities for all to achieve.

We encourage regular visits from outside speakers and visitors to inspire students. Our students have worked alongside experts such as, sculptural artist James Lake, concert violinist Tamsin Waley-Cohen and the Bath Philharmonia Orchestra.

“Teaching is generally good and sometimes outstanding. Strengths include teachers’ subject knowledge and the way that lessons develop students understanding”

One of the most impressive aspects of the college’s improvement over the last few years has been the development of an excellent range of subjects and work-related courses that meet the abilities of all students. The highly effective partnerships developed through the cooperative trust and the links with an aviation company and local post -16 colleges have led to a range of learning pathways which are very effective in meeting students’ ambitions” OfSTED 


Our experience tells us that, first and foremost, every parent wants their child to be happy and safe at school. To ensure this is the case we have designed our pastoral system to not only regularly track student progress and achievement, but to also be available when your child needs extra support.

A key element of a successful and happy community is that no one is left behind with the result that they become disaffected. Examples include our one-to-one tuition programme for any students falling behind in English or Mathematics or our involvement with the STAR programme in conjunction with Exeter University which supports those students considering going to University. Our work with our disadvantaged students has been nationally recognised through our innovative methods for supporting these students in achieving as well as their peers.

We believe our College is a happy place where students enjoy learning, develop friendships and mature as individuals. Our caring and compassionate team of Tutors, Student Welfare Officers, Counsellor and Student Intervention Co-ordinators, alongside others within the Student Services Team, are vital to ensuring that any issues which affect learning are dealt with promptly, sensitively and effectively.

The effect of these prompt and decisive actions is a college which prides itself on a very positive working ethos and excellent working relationships between staff and students.

“Students behave well around the college site, which is an orderly and pleasant environment. This is because all students understand the expectations for respect and courtesy for all as part of a community” OfSTED 

“My teachers help me with my work when I am stuck. I am not afraid to ask for help”

Student comment to OfSTED Inspector


A critical element of any college is providing students with exciting opportunities to expand their horizons and see things from a different perspective. This allows students to channel their enthusiasm and increase their expectations of what they can achieve.

The college is fortunate to have staff with both the skills and commitment to provide a very broad range of extra-curricular activities which undoubtedly enhance the academic study at the college.

Recent opportunities include trips to Madrid, Normandy and Paris as well as skiing to Austria. Closer to home we have had residential trips as part of our wide ranging activities week, where students could choose their area of interest including film club, sailing, walking on Dartmoor and creative writing.

Within the college day we have a very wide range of clubs and activities. These include various sporting clubs such as football, netball, rugby, tennis, hockey and trampolining. On the music front we have an orchestra as well as choir and various musical lessons take place each week in preparation for performances throughout the year. Drama students have opportunities to perform exam pieces as well taking part in productions. Additional after college clubs include art club and even a surf club.

We also offer a number of “super-learning” days throughout the year, focussed on particular areas such as creative writing for more able students, Maths days with Exeter University, Science and Engineering days, Technology and Engineering challenges and sporting competitions.

“May we send our thanks for a most pleasurable evening at the Summer Concert last night. The children are truly amazing in their musical abilities and the staff obviously help to bring the best out of them. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and look forward to the next show. Thanks once again to yourself, your colleagues and of course the children…..well done!”

Parent of Year 10 student 


In our community everyone is able to have their voice heard. This includes student councils or student focus group meetings with the Principal. We listen carefully to feedback from both students and parents through our annual independent surveys. Year on year the feedback is more and more positive, with stakeholders informing us what they are pleased with and areas they would like us to work to improve. Our house system helps build student involvement and competition across the college, whilst developing identity and loyalty to their peers.

Students have opportunities as leaders across the college by taking on roles within the ‘Learn to Lead’ programme, house leadership and in year 11 as part of the Student Leader team. These opportunities help develop and strengthen confidence and leadership skills whilst building on our co-operative values. Our Parent Co-operative group supports parents and carers in building communications between the college and home. Parents become more involved in their child’s learning and how they can support them throughout the college.

We have excellent ties and relationships with the local community. As a co-operative college as part of the Exe Estuary Academic Co-operative Trust (EEACT) we have developed stronger links with our partners – Exeter College, South Devon College, Flybe, The Diocese of Exeter, Devon County Council and The Dawlish Learning Partnership. These partnerships provide additional opportunities for our students and community. We work closely with our partner primary schools and two special schools in developing curriculum and learning opportunities, that benefit everyone.


We recognise that success looks different for each individual student who attends our college. Success for us is ensuring that every student leaves the college feeling they have had their needs met and they were both challenged and supported to achieve the very best they could. We strive to ensure that each student feels confident that they can successfully progress to the next stage of their lives. Our track record in this area is outstanding as shown in our progression data year on year.

In terms of academic achievement our results show consistent and sustained year-on-year improvement and we are confident we will continue this in the future. Our performances have been recognised nationally by the Specialist School and Academies Trust (SSAT) and the DFE Pupil Premium Award.

We know we are on a journey striving for further improvement. We know we can do even better and we hope that you will join us on that journey. We know that you will not be disappointed.

“Now we are post Prom and the Year 11’s have indeed departed from Dawlish Community College, we would like to say a very sincere thank you for all you and your colleagues have done to support, advise and inspire our son during his secondary school years. He has been incredibly happy at DCC and developed a strong sense of community and responsibility. He leaves school with a clear understanding of what he is capable of achieving and where he wants to go.”

Year 11 Parent