Acting Principal’s Welcome

Aspire – Believe – Achieve

The students at our College are amongst the best I have ever had the privilege to work with.

We have very high expectations of what our College can achieve and  great relationships between staff and students at the College help support this. We are also fortunate to have very supportive parents and carers who are willing to work with us to get the very best education for their child.

We aim to ensure the learners in our College become better than they ever though they could be. This aim is based on three clear expectations that we have of every single child at the College.


—Aspire – to be the best you can be in all you do

—Believe – that anything is possible and aim high

—Achieve – the very best you can to give you positive choices in life

These expectations are very important to us and, as with issues such as uniform and behaviour, we expect and demand the very highest standards from students. In return the College is able to provide a set of amazingly dedicated and skilful teaching staff very ably supported by a full range of support staff who are able to inspire and motivate your child.

The success of our school is based around recognising the needs of the individual and so we wrap education around the child rather than trying to fit the child to their education. This means that we tailor our curriculum, support and teaching to meet the needs of the individual student. We are well placed to do this due to the relatively small size of our school which means that students are well known to us which can make all the difference. Just this year we have appointed a new transition teacher to support students in years 7,8 and 9 with their move from primary school to secondary, and in particular with their literacy needs.

In 2017 a large scale reorganisation took place in the college with subjects being placed in ‘Super Faculties’ to support quality assurance across the college. This is the key driver for us this year – ensuring that the changes we have made have a direct impact on the quality of teaching and learning. We are moving forwards and I am pleased with the new staff we have appointed, whilst retaining our very best teachers.

I very much hope that you enjoy reading about our College. If you need any further information or would like to visit our College please do not hesitate to get in touch.